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Le Marne Relais hosts Aurel Bacs

Aurel Bacs

The first major figure interviewed on our dachshund is Aurel Bacs, a famous auctioneer specializing in collectible watches.

7 Dec 2022 00:00:00
Le Marne Relais ospita Aurel Bacs

Famed auctioneer Aurel Bacs talks after his stay at Relais Le Marne about love affairs with and between watches, the emotions of his work, and the natural beauty of our area.

"I am from Zurich, a lover of wristwatches and vintage watches, those that tell a long story. Instead of following the path of business and law, since 1995 I have turned my hobby into a job, into a full professional life. Since 2014 I have been a consultant for Phillips Auction House and organize auctions that take place between New York and Geneva."

What did you feel, what did you hear, when you arrived here in the Marne yesterday?

"I definitely felt the distance from typical city noise even though, when I am in Turin or Geneva, I know I am not in a metropolis like New York, Paris or London. It is a privilege to be able to wake up without the traffic, the noise of buses or cars and to be able to listen to the sounds of nature. This morning I heard church bells and a dog barking and I personally loved it. I slept very well, surrounded by nature and its colors."

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