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Le Marne Relais hosts Chiara Maci

Chiara Maci

Chiara Maci stays at the Relais, between cuisine and nature.
Here is the interview with the famous foodblogger.

14 Dec 2022 00:00:00
Le Marne Relais ospita Chiara Maci

Chiara Maci, proud mom and successful foodblogger, tells us what it's like to cook and experience childhood in the Cilento region. But how much of Chiara is in her recipes and what will she have enjoyed about her stay at Le Marne?

Today I have the pleasure of sharing this new installment of Four Dachshund Chats with Chiara Maci. Welcome! How do you tell your story? Who is Chiara Maci?

"Chiara is a lot of things, she is a collection of many lives. I was born in the province of Salerno, in Cilento, where I lived for 11 years, and those were the very years when I started to love food in trays. When I arrived in Bologna I saw for the first time food in trays: a format I was not used to because I only knew about wooden crates and jars and for me until then that was the real kitchen: my mother with her apron behind the stove since early morning and no trays. In Bologna I graduated in law, then I did a master's degree in Milan in marketing and joined a company where I stayed for two years. After that I chose to totally change my life and started a blog with my sister, Sisters in the Pot. It was one of the very first cooking blogs that within a year and a half became one of the most read blogs in Italy."

Le Marne has a well-established philosophy of training the body and mind. In fact, the Relais offers major sports facilities. How do you approach this philosophy? Is there any daily activity that you put into practice?

"As a physical activity, I walk 10km a day every day, even in bad weather: walking is my workout and workoutphysics. For me walking is something that isolates me from everyone and thanks to which I can focus on a lot of things, if I want I can avoid perceiving what I have around me and isolate myself totally. Walking is good for the body and has become a necessity, a habit."

Here in Le Marne, in this place surrounded by nature, what was your first impact when you got out of the car?

"Silence was the first thing I noticed. Over the years I have loved and hated it, because I come from a very chaotic, very crowded family. I experienced silence only when I started living alone, and at that time I would turn on music or TV to avoid it. Today, however, silence represents peace, and it allows me to focus on myself."

Watch the video and find out the full interview