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Le Marne Relais hosts Cristina Tardito

Cristina Tardito

An interview with designer Cristina Tardito after a day spent in Le Marne.

13 Dec 2022 00:00:00
Le Marne Relais ospita Cristina Tardito

"I find the beauty of this place to be so much in the essentiality of the design: the beauty is contained in the simplicity, the details and the perfection of it all." - This is how Cristina Tardito (stylist and judge on the Tailor Made program) describes our Relais.

Tell us a little about yourself.

"Cristina Tardito and Kristina Ti have always been the same person, today perhaps even more so they are one woman. Definitely Cristina Tardito is a woman who has a crazy passion for life and for everything that happens in life. My story really starts from something that happened and probably was not even supposed to happen: I had entered the family business as a daddy's daughter who did not feel like studying, and at a certain point I was offered the opportunity to become a stylist, and from there a path began; I became passionate about a craft that then became my life. If I have to tell you today who Kristina Ti is, she is a woman who can get excited about beauty, about the little things."

You stayed in the room dedicated to Gianmaria Testa: had you ever read any of his texts, did you know this author?

"No, it was a discovery that somehow made me realize that beauty is a tool of the soul, of the eyes, a tool for the spirit. We don't have to think that it's not there anymore or that there used to be more of it, because beauty is there, you just have to figure out what yours is."

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